Individual counselling, psychotherapy and analysis

Psychotherapy means talking to someone who is trained to help you make sense of the things troubling you; to find meaning in recurrent problems, to seek out a better way of being.

Psychotherapy can bring understanding, and a quieter mind. It can benefit adults and adolescents, and change lives; helping people to feel stronger in themselves and in their relationships.

Some come for help with anger, grief, or distressing behaviours. Others want relief from depression or anxiety. Some struggle with difficult relationships, some with addictions.

Counselling tends to be offered once a week, psychotherapy up to three times a week. Analysis offers more time and space to explore the self, at a frequency of four or five times a week. Most clients choose once or twice a week work.

Adolescent psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help adolescents who have difficulties at home, school or college.

It can address eating disorders, self harm, separation anxieties, sleep problems, anger and depression, school refusal, obsessions and phobias.

The therapist may meet parents or carers to think about the overall picture.

Couples' counselling

Couples may be looking for help with a recent problem, or a long standing difficulty. They may be on the point of separating, or want change within the relationship.

Problems might be physical illness or bereavement, an affair, the wish to have children, or mental health problems. Separated couples may find it helpful to talk together with a psychotherapist.

The work can be brief or continue for months or years, depending on what the couple feel they need.

Group therapy

Group therapy can help us to understand ourselves and our relationships in a different way. New solutions to old problems can be found. In group therapy we can learn from others and receive support from peers. Costing less than individual therapy, it can be a good option for those on low incomes.


Regular clinical supervision is a requirement for registrants of the British Psychoanalytic Council, the BACP and UKCP.

We offer one to one and group supervision.

Supervision with a qualified and experienced therapist can deepen your understanding of yourself and your work with clients. It can support you in your practice, leading to more rewarding and long standing client relationships.